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I make maps and dungeons for a home-brew Dungeons and Dragons campaign I play occasionally. I find making maps and dungeons a lot more fun than playing sometimes but I put this FAQ together in case you see all these maps floating around.

First, you can use them all. They’re open source. If you’re going to republish them then just give me attribution. Thanks.

In general, there are two main worlds when I’m building. The first one is the World of Etheras and the second is the World of Hrika.

Etheras was generated using DonJon’s fantastic World Generator. The World of Hrika was generated using Azgaar’s Fantasy World Map generator. Both are amazing procedural generative programs and if you need a random world made with great detail, chose one or the other.

Etheras is where our main campaign plays and Hrika is the setting of The Adventures of Thrax, a Conan-esque guy.

Then there are random maps I’m creating using Wonderdraft and the occasional Inkarnate. I’ve been using ArtRage as well and have been dabbling in GIMP too.

So grab what you like and have an adventure. More later.

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